Decoded Comms offers the PR services that work for biggest brands in tech, for the needs of small businesses and start-ups - whether that's launching in a new market, positioning a new service/product, wanting to be seen as a thought leader on your industry's hottest issues, or simply getting noticed.


Media relations

Understanding the needs of journalists is essential to an effective PR programme.

In this regard, I was schooled by some of the best in the business (hello Johnson King and Spark Communications), and I pride myself on having great relationships with reporters, understanding their needs, knowing what makes a good story, and how to get my clients into the news cycle.

Typically, a well rounded media relations programme would consist of press releases, editorial features, interviews, opinion pieces and news hijacking - all of which is designed to get clients in front of the right publications, right reporters and right readers.   


Super content

Good media relations aren't worth a damn if they're not backed up by content to match. 

In a world where everyone has a voice, being able to cut through the noise with original, creative and compelling content is more important than ever before. 

Super content means content that gets noticed and is actually read when it's published - that can be shared with customers and prospects alike to demonstrate your expertise, or simply to spark new conversations and new ideas. 


Creative campaigns

Creative thinking is at the heart of the best and most successful PR campaigns in any industry.

Coordinating creative news generation campaigns can be the most interesting and most exciting part of PR, and I will creating a portfolio of case studies shortly. Be sure to come back here and take a look soon.