Why “Decoded Comms”? and other FAQs

5 March 2018

So why the name?

“I nearly went for Marquiss Communications, but lots of people struggle to pronounce my surname and I decided against it when my girlfriend made the excellent point… “why are men always naming everything after themselves?”

“I chose Decoded Comms because, first and foremost, I’m in the communications industry. I also thought the Decoded prefix was a good descriptor of what PRs in the technology industry have to do to make their clients and technical subject matter understood. We have to decipher the stories that sometimes get lost in the numbers and jargon.  

But you’re just a man, not a company right?

“Yes, technically I am just one person. Long term, however, I’d like to work with a few others under the Decoded Comms name.

Ok, so explain the logo?

“I’m glad you asked. The logo was designed by James Pearson, a good friend and a very talented graphic designer. He converted the common coding symbol </> to represent a ‘D’ and a ‘C’ for />Decoded <Comms. It’s also very simple which means it can be edited easily and used anywhere, which was on purpose I’m told.

Are you looking for new clients?

“Thankfully I’m in no rush for new clients. I’m comfortable with my current workload but open to one more client should the right opportunity arise.  

Have you considered branching out from B2B tech?

Not a chance. God knows why but B2B tech suits me down to the ground.


Decoded blackboard.jpg


One month in...

12 Feb 2018

Approaching one month into my life as a freelancer, I can safely say that this was the right decision for me. I've been really busy, but thankfully I've also found it incredibly rewarding to have my own clients, choose how I work, and what I do day-to-day. Highlights and lowlights of a whirlwind start to 2018 include:

Highlight #1 - Working from home

Turns out that I really don't miss commuting in London. Who knew?!

Lowlight #1 - Working from home

Having said that, working from home is a bit anti-social. You do quickly miss the hubbub of office life, the "what did you do on the weekend?" conversations, the coffee rounds, the pub lunches and the people of course (even Gus). 

Highlight #2 - Month one coverage

One month in and, thanks to such speedy and informed spokespeople, the coverage reel for month one at Decoded Comms already includes International Business Times, The Daily Express, SC Media, IT Pro, CBR, iGaming Business, Totally Gaming and more.

And if you've not read it yet, definitely check out this Redscan opinion piece for IBT, on the threat of hackers lurking on LinkedIn http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/cybercriminals-other-professionals-viewing-your-linkedin-profile-1658424   

Hopefully more to come... 

Lowlight# 2 - Starting something new is slow going

I'm sure someone did warn me before starting out, but I don't think I ever truly appreciated how long it takes to start afresh, and everything that's involved. Creating a website, dealing with HMRC, getting signed contracts, creating quarterly reports and media lists from scratch, learning new industries and new clients - it all takes time. Lots of it.  

Highlight #3 - Amazing support from friends, family and ex-colleagues

Thank you to everyone who gave me any kind of advice or help over the last month or so. I can't tell you how much I needed it and appreciate it. Maddy, Jayne, James and Kewal in particular. Thanks guys.

In this time I was also struck by how much technology has helped me. From advice found through Google and Youtube, to online tax assessments and services like Squarespace, I'm sure that starting a new business or going freelance in 2018 is easier than ever before.  

Lowlight #3 - Snacks

In an office environment, I am too ashamed to snack at my full potential. Sadly that is no longer the case. 

Highlight #4 ICE 2018

ICE 2018 was my first gaming event and it was great to meet the MuchBetter team and a smattering of gaming journalists face-to-face at the show. It was really useful for understanding a bit more about how the industry works, and how the various pieces of the iGaming puzzle all fit together. Seeing the size of the stands on show (some of which were monstrous) was also a handy visual guide to who's who in the world of iGaming. 

Lowlight #4 ICE 'booth babes'

I know that the tech industry isn't the most progressive, but seriously?! It's 2018.

Highlight #5 Finally launching this website

Simply because it took so much longer than expected. 

And that's about it, but to summarise my feelings on going freelance so far...

My first blog

22 Jan 2018  

Blogging is something I've always shied away from, always preferring to stay behind the scenes and write content for my clients instead. Now that I'm freelance, I suppose I don't have that luxury. Nuts. 

Watch this space for more, and hopefully something more interesting, but the website/logo still need work and clearly there's nothing to see here yet...